Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy Support, Cerebral Palsy Treatment, Brain Injury TreatmentOur approach to curing CP:

BRIGHT has established the “CP Repository here, a large-scale collection of data from our members with Cerebral Palsy, TBI, and other related brain injuries. We make this data available to researchers studying CP and other similar diseases. In addition to the Repository, we also have created a database of existing published research, we call this the “CP Meta-Study”. This data bank includes research in basic brain biology, treatment methods, therapeutic methods, engineering, and technology. The BRIGHT CP Repository and the BRIGHT CP Meta-Study aggregate the results of existing studies and live data from our membership, so that collectively they can be analyzed and help lead to new findings and breakthroughs.

Scientific Community: Curing CP requires communication and collaboration. Our Scientific Advisory Board is a cross disciplined group which otherwise might not have the opportunity to interact. We host scientific symposia, post classic studies and study summaries in our CP Meta-Study. We also hold events, such as the BRIGHT Summer Therapy Camp, where members of the CP community can meet and learn from each other.

Our impact to date: The CP Repository includes data from hundreds of subjects. The CP Meta-Study has over 40,000 records on research focused only on Cerebral Palsy and Brain Injury.

Get involved: We invite you to make a donation, participate in one of our events, sign up for our Face Book Group, and enroll in the CP Repository. We also hope you will learn more about us and the impact we’re having on CP research.

Our organization is transparent and accountable with your donations. Click to see BRIGHT’s GuideStar Report.