Cerebral Palsy Meta-Study

The BRIGHT Cerebral Palsy Cure Project has established a database of existing published research, we call this the “CP Meta-Study”. This data bank includes research in basic brain biology, treatment methods, therapeutic methods, engineering, and technology. The BRIGHT CP Repository and the BRIGHT CP Meta-Study aggregate the results of existing studies and live data from our membership, so that collectively they can be analyzed and help lead to new findings and breakthroughs.

If you are a medical professional looking to gain access to our database, please contact us at donations@brightfoundation.org.

Section 1.) Privacy This section must be completed first. Once you have chosen a 5 character username, it will be used to identify all data in BRIGHT’s databases. Therefore, please keep your username private and remember it.

CP Meta-Study Input Form BRIGHT members should use this form to input information about existing research.